I bought a home with Ryan Homes in December 2019 and they made two mistakes that were informed latter during the home construction. The first one was offering me 4 cable spots with no cost then reaching me out to say I had only 3. Fortunately, they realized their mistake and gave me the 4th one with no additional cost. The worst mistake was selling me an expensive frameless shower door that were not possible to be delivered with the fiberglass option I chose to the master bathroom.

They offered me to replace it with a top frame glass door with about the same price as the frameless door. I was only able to see it installed during the walk-through visit when I had a huge disappointment. Because it seems very similar to the standard one offered with no additional cost at all… I didn’t want to go to the closing meeting before this issue was solved but unfortunately Ryan Home’s contract doesn’t allow to postpone the closing date if the home has all the living permits approved which was the case.

What happens after closing is that Ryan Homes seem to not care about it and they don’t want to reimburse me for their lack of professionalism handling their own mistakes.

  • Renata


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