The sales representative Kayla at the Windswept location was extremely unprofessional and discriminatory from the time we showed interest in buying a home in Lewes, Delaware. My husband and I only wanted to buy a home under $500,000 and she frankly said, “you are not going to get a house in Lewes, Delaware under $550,000 and refused to help any further. This was not a true statement. There were plenty of homes in the $400,000 dollar range that could be bought. After reporting this to the manager, the manager said, it may have been a miscommunication (which it wasn’t) and of course an excuse to justify her to continue to be unprofessional.

The mortgage person Jessica was even worse, she called and I told her the area we wanted to look in and the approval price range we were looking for and she states, well you know the price is different in this area …I proceeded to say yes I am aware of the prices we did our research, I said we just had a bad experience with someone continuing to mention price as an issue as if they did not want us in the area and she says, I don’t want to hear that… I am not here for that. I am a black woman whose salary is well over $250,000 a year and I just feel if I was white I would not be told false information or treated the way I was. We decided not to buy from Ryan Homes at all. We will be going to a different builder, who was extremely professional and kind.

  • Krishawna Bullard


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